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Velux CABRIO Balcony

Investing in a Velux CABRIO balcony can significantly enhance your property’s aesthetic and functional appeal. This innovative design transforms a roof window into a balcony in seconds, adding an element of luxury to your living space.

This fixture provides an opportunity to enjoy panoramic views while creating an atmosphere of openness and light. Moreover, it can increase the value of your property by offering additional outdoor space.

The CABRIO balcony is not just a window; it’s also a statement of elegance and sophistication. Its unique design and functionality make it a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking to create a stylish, modern look. This addition promises to redefine your living experience by seamlessly blending the indoors with the outdoors.

Benefits of a CABRIO Balcony

In the long run, installing roof windows will help you save on your utility bills. Costs vary depending on the number of roof windows and your ceiling type. Call us today, and we will assess the roof, plan the placement, and determine the necessary materials. Following this, the installer will cut the roof opening, install the balcony framework, and finish with the window fitting to give you the balcony of your dreams!


No Leak Promise

The VELUX product family is designated as “The No Leak Skylight.”

Clean Quiet & Safe

Neat glass greatly reduces water spotting. Noises are reduced up to 25%.


We have one of the best warranties covering skylights, sun tunnels, and blinds!