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Board and Batten

If you’re looking for a siding that’s visually stunning and different from a more traditional look, you should take a look at board and batten. So, this begs the question, what is board and batten? Professionals place thin strips of wood molding, or “batten,” over panel board seams, creating a rustic and chic aesthetic homeowners will love and appreciate. It adds texture to your home’s exterior, and the vertical lines provide a shadowing affect. Create a striking traditional style, whether as a dominant cladding type or as an accent to highlight architectural features. You’ll discover plenty of color options to choose from with our board and batten exterior. Seamlessly blend the old with the new with our premier options.

Available Colors and Sizes

13 Standard Color Options

3 Dark Color Options

9 Premium Color Options


At Mastic, we have families, too, and we know the importance of getting good value for your money. We engineer products that are durable, long lasting and designed to hold up to life. To help protect your investment, we offer the most comprehensive warranties in the business. In short, Mastic stands behind every product, every day. If you have an issue, we want to know about it.

Features and Benefits

Exceptionally Strong – Durable and extra thick to resist dents from everyday life, industrys only V-groove in a 6 width helps eliminate sagging and nail facing.

Exceptional Curb Appeal – Beautiful detailed wood texture with a deep shadow line to make your home stand out.

Advanced Panel Locking System and Nail Hem – For easy installation and added grip during harsh weather.

Low Maintenance – Doesn’t require painting so you can spend more time enjoying your home, not maintaining it.

Exclusive Hang-Tough Technology – Boosts durability so panels are more resistant to cracking, impact and thermal distortion. As an added benefit, rich color resides throughout the panel virtually eliminating the appearance of nicks and minor surface scratches.

Sustainable Formula – sustainable and recyclable for a better, eco-friendly choice.

VIP Limited Lifetime Warranty – Premium guarantee of lasting quality and peace of mind (see warranty for complete details).