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Mastic Fascia

Loved for its Traditional Look

Enjoy a lifetime of worry-free protection with Ply Gems pre-formed and field-formed aluminum fascia. Durable and virtually maintenance-free, the high-performing aluminum completely covers your homes fascia boards from the drip edge to the soffit. You can choose from a variety of smooth and textured finishes and hundreds of matching and coordinating colors.

Vinyl Fascia

Aluminum Fascia

Mastic Performance Metals offer the highest-quality aluminum with an ultra-tough topcoat for a lifetime of worry-free, low-maintenance protection. Choose from a broad array of colors and textures to create the perfect custom trim for your home.

Envoy and Endurance

Constructed of high-quality aluminum, Envoy and Endurance Fascia coordinates with Ply Gem siding to add a finished touch to your homes exterior. Our durable, ultra-tough coating protects against sun fading and weathering.


At Mastic, we have families, too, and we know the importance of getting good value for your money. We engineer products that are durable, long lasting and designed to hold up to life. To help protect your investment, we offer the most comprehensive warranties in the business. In short, Mastic stands behind every product, every day. If you have an issue, we want to know about it.