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Ice Dam Removal Services

Ice Dam Removal Services


While winter snows can be beautiful, they also bring with them some significant challenges to homeowners. Not least among these is the formation of ice dams. These ice dams are formed by trapping pools of melted water behind frozen dams, created by melted snow refreezing. This effectively traps the water which then finds other places to go, often under shingles and into the house causing wall damage, floor damage, and so on.

Therefore, it is key to address ice dam problems before they can cause your home damage and the best way to get rid of these is to hire a talented contractor dedicated to your success.

That's where A-Rite Construction comes in. A-Rite Construction has the best ice removal service and the answer to your ice dam removal concerns. Contact us online or by phone today to get your quote!

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Ice Dam Prevention

A-Rite Construction can also help you prevent ice dams from ever forming in the first place. The most common form of ice dam prevention is by installing an ice and water shield.

Install "Ice and Water Shield:"

This involves installing an "ice and water" shield along the eaves of your roof. Since this is where most ice dams form this generally prevents the re-freezing required to form an ice dam. The only thing to note is that certain building codes (varying by town and state) may affect how far the ice dam membrane protection must extend within the home.

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Roof Ventilation and Insulation

A properly insulated and ventilated attic will help to prevent ice dam build-ups, which could be causing leaks or unseen damage to your roof.

Reduce Attic Heat:

By sealing air leaks in the attic floor and ensuring adequate attic ventilation you can keep the bottom of the roof at the same temperature as the outside. This is a way to prevent the uneven melting that often causes ice dams in the first place.

Install Attic Insulation

A-Rite Construction offers the best in fiber glass blown-in insulation. Owens Corning PINK FIBERGLAS Insulation is ENERGY STAR-rated for energy efficiency and GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified. Loose-fill fiber glass experiences less than 2% settling (compared to 25% settling with cellulose) and delivers its R-Value for the life of your home (cellulose losing 15 to 25% its R-Value).

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