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What Can Help Prevent Ice Dams From Forming?

What Can Help Prevent Ice Dams From Forming?
Are you tired of dealing with ice dams on your house each winter? Check out this blog to explore tips to help prevent ice dams from forming.

Ice dams can be a common sight in winter, especially on roofs in cold climates. They occur when snow melts and refreezes at the edges of roofs or gutters, preventing water from draining properly. This blockage can lead to water damage and mold growth within your home. In some cases, ice dams can also cause injury due to falling icicles. Luckily, you can do several things to help prevent ice dams from forming.

Keep Your Attic Well-Insulated and Ventilated

The heat from your home can rise to your attic and warm up the roof, causing snow to melt. Keep your attic well-insulated to maintain constant temperatures to prevent ice from forming. Proper ventilation can also help by allowing hot air to escape from the attic, lowering the chance of ice dams forming.

Eliminate Air Leaks

Sealing air leaks in your attic can also help protect against ice dams. Common sources of air leaks include gaps around pipes and vents, attic access doors, recessed lighting, and electrical boxes. Adding weatherstripping and caulking around these areas can prevent warm air from leaking out and melting the snow on your roof.

Clear Your Gutters and Downspouts

Your gutters and downspouts must be clear of debris for water to properly drain from your roof. Be sure to remove any leaves, sticks, or other materials from your gutters and downspouts regularly. You can install gutter guards to help prevent clogs if necessary.

Install Heat Tape

Heat tape is a type of electrical cable that you can install along the edges of your roof to melt snow and prevent ice dams from forming. It’s especially helpful in areas prone to ice dams, and you can use the product on gutters and downspouts.

Hire a Professional

Consider hiring a professional to help if you’re unsure how to prevent ice dams properly or are uncomfortable doing it yourself. A roofing contractor or insulation specialist can assess your home and recommend specific measures to prevent ice dam formation.

A-Rite is a reliable and reputable company that provides ice dam removal in Wausau, Wisconsin. We’re the experts in exterior home services in the area. Give us a call if you suspect your home has an ice dam.

Ice dams can cause serious damage to your home and even pose a safety risk. However, knowing what can help prevent ice dams from forming will help you protect your house. Stay safe and warm this winter!

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