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Common Mistakes New Homeowners Make With Their Roofing

Common Mistakes New Homeowners Make With Their Roofing
Learning the most common mistakes new homeowners make with their roofing highlights which areas many individuals neglect, resulting in damage.

The idiom “You get what you paid for” couldn’t be more relevant when discussing roof repairs or replacement. But you could avoid them altogether if you don’t commit the most common mistakes new homeowners make with their roofing.

Settling for Less

It’s important to remember that just because someone gives you a low quote doesn’t mean they’ll perform a good job. Ask around and get multiple estimates. It’s possible someone you know recently had some roof work done to their home, so you can ask if they’d recommend their roofer. Read online reviews. Some online reviews should be taken with a boulder-sized grain of salt, but many can impart useful information upon investigation.

Choosing Repairing Over Replacement

Another way people can settle for less is by repairing the roof when it calls for a complete replacement.

Repairing shingles when you see several missing or damaged tiles is counterproductive. If you replace individual shingles, water may still get through the roof and cause more damage. In addition, if your roof is old and repairs are happening, you should probably get a new one.

Repairing a roof is a solution akin to putting a Band-Aid over a bullet hole. All you’re doing is prolonging the inevitable, so you might as well pay for peace of mind.

Doing It Yourself

Based on the estimates, you might consider taking things into your own hands and trying to do the patchwork yourself. However, a new homeowner’s ignorance could worsen the situation for your roof, wallet, and physical health.

Knowing when to bring in a specialist for such issues is essential. Roofing problems, including cracked or missing shingles, broken flashing, and missing vents, need prompt attention from a professional. Choose a reliable roofing contractor if you want the work done perfectly the first time.

Roof Doesn’t Match the Region

Roofs are a lot like shoes: putting on the wrong one will have you paying the consequences. Wearing a running shoe to play a sport that requires side-to-side movement will have folks falling flat on their face.

Similarly, some types of roofing are better suited to a specific climate. For instance, asphalt shingles are prominent in North America because they are durable and resistant to weather conditions. However, metal is far more durable if snow is frequently in the forecast, as it is in our neck of the woods.

Lack of Maintenance

Most problems you could have with a roof are preventable with scheduled maintenance. Logically, individuals would be wary about going onto their rooftops owing to the potential for injury, so you’re better off letting the professionals come to your aid. Do not allow a minor issue with your roof to escalate into a major one requiring total replacement.

Avoiding new homeowners’ common mistakes with their roofing will keep you from costly repairs that no one wants to make. A-Rite Construction and Roofing are the professionals you can call because we are happy to be the only certified Owens Corning roofing contractors in Wausau!

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