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How You Can Protect Your Home’s Exterior From Water Damage

How You Can Protect Your Home’s Exterior From Water Damage
Learning how to protect your home’s exterior from water damage can help you maintain the structural integrity of your home and stay dry and safe.

If you can live without dealing with water damage in a home, you should buy a lottery ticket because you’re one lucky duck! Water damage is almost inevitable with the rain, snow, and ice that bombards Wisconsin and the surrounding area. Fortunately, learning how to protect your home’s exterior from water damage gives you the best shot at staying dry.

Sprinkler System Inspections

A sprinkler system is one of the many self-sufficient machines we rely on to maintain our gardens and lawns. Unfortunately, heavy usage can make it crack under pressure, making irrigation system inspections essential to prevent water damage.

Your sprinkler heads and backflow preventer will function optimally after an irrigation inspection. A sprinkler specialist may assess your irrigation system, looking for indicators of problems in each component without having to dig anything up. Clogged sprinkler heads, damaged valves, or insufficient water coverage could lead to bigger problems. You should schedule a yearly inspection at a minimum. However, some homeowners prefer twice a year—before and after growing season—to be extra cautious.

Professional Window Sealers

Sadly, some window installations are inferior to others, potentially leading to a litany of issues. Not only do poorly installed windows let air in and out of the home, but they also invite water to creep in and do long-term harm.

Structural damage and mold development are both possible results of water intrusion. Avoiding these complications requires having windows fitted by professionals. The structural integrity of your home and its windows will thank you for investing in competent installation.

Focus on the Gutters

Many children are fond of downspouts because of the rush of water to play in during a rainstorm. Homeowners enjoy the steady stream of water because it affirms the gutters and drainage system are working properly.

If they get blocked, however, you risk water damage and the unpleasant consequences of water pooling atop your home, which can attract mosquitos and other critters. Frequent inspections of the downspouts ensure your home stays clean, dry, and free from structural damage.

Turn to gutter guards if all your inspections and improvements fail to eliminate clogs. With these guards, the gutters will be free from any debris that could enter and lead to this unfortunate predicament.

It Begins at the Top

Roof maintenance is integral for preventing water damage from affecting your home. While it’s easy to take your roof for granted when it’s not leaking, a loose shingle that goes undetected for months could lead to a disaster.

As you inspect your downspouts and irrigation system, you should also check on your roof to guarantee everything is in working order. Being proactive instead of reactive about your roof could save you thousands of dollars in repairs!

Knowing how you can protect your home’s exterior from water damage covers the bases for keeping the floodwaters at bay. A-Rite Construction and Roofing can help you protect your home’s exterior with professional siding services that will prevent leaks from making their presence known.

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