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Signs That Your Home Needs Window Replacements

Signs That Your Home Needs Window Replacements
Recognizing the signs that your home needs window replacements keeps you from settling on ineffective windows that are not working as they should.

For many homeowners, replacing the windows is the furthest thing from their minds. After all, if rain isn’t coming in and there isn’t shattered glass all over the floor, why would the need to replace the windows? However, many people don’t realize how much money they lose from outdated windows, especially when they show signs your home needs window replacements.

Egregious Damage

One sign that a home needs new windows is that the current ones are damaged. The severity of the damage can vary depending on your situation. If an errant practice chip shot in the backyard entered your home via a window, you shouldn’t overlook this flaw.

Other issues may be so minor that they look fine from the curb; however, being proactive is the best action to prevent any problems from worsening. If condensation forms along the brims of the frame, act swiftly to get them replaced.

Low Curb Appeal

Damaged windows are not going to help the curb appeal of your home whatsoever. Since the exterior is the first thing anyone sees, damaged windows could turn off many potential buyers if you’re selling your house.

If selling your home isn’t the goal, a home with poor-quality windows could lower the value of the homes in your neighborhood.

Difficult To Use

Opening and closing a window should be as simple as spreading jam on toast—it shouldn’t require superhuman strength. Not only is it aggravating to “hulk up” and open or shut a window, but it could also lead to air coming in and out of your home and increasing energy bills. It may be time to start looking for new windows if your forearms are sore from opening and closing them.

Drafty Days

Windows that aren’t airtight could let in a draft or hot air or even allow cool air to escape. As stated previously, this issue could increase your utility bills. Some drafts may make your curtains come alive or send loose pages flying around a room, but others aren’t as obvious.

Letting in the Racket

Outside noise can make your blood boil when you’re relaxing in your home or trying to fall asleep. If an uptick of noise is coming into the home, the windows are to blame. Replacement windows should muzzle the sounds of street traffic, barking dogs, and noisy neighbors who love listening to 80s rock in their garage.

Although total soundproofing may be your end goal, that’s more wishful thinking than reality. Nevertheless, you can do several things to decrease noise coming in through your windows, such as installing additional panes of glass with differing thicknesses.

Never ignore the signs your home needs window replacements. Otherwise, your utility bills will continue to increase, and your home’s aesthetic will plummet. A-Rite Construction and Roofing doesn’t want that to happen to your home. We can help you fix any problems you currently face, particularly if it’s your home’s roof. We are happy to help anyone with concerns with their roofing in Wausau, so call us today!

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