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5 of the Most Important Places in Your Home To Insulate

5 of the Most Important Places in Your Home To Insulate
Are you a homeowner who understands insulation is important but is unsure where to apply it? Check out these five important places to insulate.

It’s shocking how few houses across the United States have proper insulation. Many homeowners see it as an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of thing. However, insulation has incredible benefits, especially if you insulate the five important places in your home. Use this blog as a guide to ensure your house is comfortable all year and lower your energy bills.

Crawl Space and Basement

Many homeowners don’t insulate their basements or crawlspaces until it’s too late. They leave pipes exposed to the elements, allowing them to freeze and waste energy. These areas are prone to excess moisture, which leads to mold and mildew growth. Insulation can stop this issue. Patch any foundational issues before adding insulation when finishing your basement.


The attic is arguably the most important place in your home to insulate. Warm air rises, and if you leave your attic insulation-free, that warm air will escape through the roof and siding. Leaving your attic exposed will allow the cool winter air and hot summer air to enter the structure. Prioritize using a professional home insulation company, such as A-Rite Construction and Roofing, to provide the best insulation for your attic.


Adding insulation to your home’s floors retains cooled and heated air, eliminates drafts, and reduces moisture accumulation. Uninsulated floors allow the air conditioning and heat to escape. Plus, insulated flooring dampens noises throughout the house.


In the summertime, heat rises and sits in the ceilings; in the winter, you’ll quickly lose heat through uninsulated ceilings. Insulated ceilings can stop these dramatic temperature changes from affecting your home. Insulation slows heat transfer and prevents condensation from forming and causing mold or other moisture-related problems.


Heat will escape through the walls if you don’t insulate your home’s attic. Wall insulation creates a barrier between the inside and outside and helps tremendously to provide a comfortable indoor environment.

Wall insulation also helps with noise reduction. It can dampen the sounds of noisy neighbors or outside traffic. It might even reduce indoor noises, like video games from your child’s bedroom. You’ll enjoy a good night’s sleep thanks to the updated wall insulation.

Contact a local insulation professional to see how they can add insulation to these five important places in your home. You’ll notice lower energy bills and a more comfortable home environment and probably wonder why you didn’t update the insulation sooner.

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