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5 Urgent Signs You Need a Roof Replacement

5 Urgent Signs You Need a Roof Replacement
Are you a homeowner who’s worried about your roof? This blog will explore and elaborate on five urgent signs that your home requires a roof replacement.

Part of home ownership means checking your home vigilantly for signs of damage anywhere. It can mean the difference between addressing a small amount of wear and a significant issue. One of those big problem areas is the roof. Storms, trees, and other factors can harm your roof. Look for these five urgent signs you need a roof replacement.

Old Age

Do you know how old your current roof is? Were you given an estimated lifespan when the professionals installed it? What’s the roofing material you have? Most residential roofs last around 20 years, and looking for aging signs can help determine if it’s time for a replacement. These warning signs include chipping, curling, cracking, brittleness, and pitting.

Asphalt shingles can develop bald spots where granules have fallen off. If more than one-third of your roof isn’t looking great, contact a professional to inspect your roof and install a new one.

Sagging Areas

Sagging can be an incredibly bad sign for your roof. This warning tends to point to symptoms of structural damage, such as improper spacing, bracing, or structural failure. Waste no time calling a professional roofing company if you notice any part of your roof sagging.


Homes in North America have one enemy, and that’s moisture. Wooden frames and water don’t mix because water can lead to structural damage and rot in wood—two things no homeowner ever wants to experience. Always check your attic for signs that your roof is leaking, which include watermarks, mold, and mildew.

Missing Shingles

If a significant area of your roof has missing shingles, that could mean that space endured damage from a storm or the wind. The shingles could still be in place, but the wind strength may have pulled them up enough to cause harm.

If you allow the area to go unrepaired, that’ll lead to more costly issues. Turn to professionals to inspect the space and determine if your roof needs an entire replacement or just needs the replacement of some missing shingles.

Exposed Flashing

When inspecting your roof for sagging or missing shingles, pay attention to the flashing as well. Flashing is a thin, flat metal piece used to help waterproof a roofing system’s protrusions and perimeter. A chimney, for example, will have flashing. Look for any cracking, loose, or deteriorating sections to have them repaired. You could be dealing with a worse issue if you notice water stains or leakage.

If you notice any of the above signs, contact a local roofing professional to check whether you need a roof replacement. And if you’re in Wausau, Wisconsin, you can trust A-Rite Construction to handle your replacement. We’re a reputable roofing and siding company that will tackle the job correctly. There’s none better in the industry.

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