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Attic Ventilation

Regarding attic ventilation, A-Rite Roofing and Construction can’t stress its importance enough.

Comfort comes full circle.

During the warmer months, using GAF attic fans not only cools the air in your house, but also the structure and contents. This helps cool the home and attic by up to 30 degrees, and sometimes more, allowing them to stay much cooler the following day (the principle of Thermal Mass Cooling). So overall costs to keep the home cool are dramatically reduced, especially as compared to air conditioning.

At A-Rite Roofing and Construction, we know how important it is to have properly installed attic fans to regulate the temperature in your home. You can be certain that our materials are of the highest quality and will endure for years, saving you money in the long run. A-Rite Roofing and Construction’s attic insulation services will ultimately benefit your home’s safety, comfort, and resale value.